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Nonfiction / Biography & Memoir / Biography Max Boot’s The Road Not Taken is a page-turning story of a how a now largely forgotten figure could have turned the tide of the Vietnam War if someone in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations had just listened to him.

Then again, they did relate as equals: Bobbi enrolled simultaneously for adult education at Cheryl's school.Nick Hornby's script borrows this helpful opening gambit, but the film otherwise forges its own path, adopting an impressionistic, mosaic-like structure which uses images and sound as pointedly specific memory triggers.Witherspoon has never fully capitalised on the serious-actress potential announced by her Oscar for Walk the Line in 2005; unfit projects (Rendition, The Devil's Knot) have repeatedly cluttered her resumé.The team who mixed and designed it know that a whistled song can be a hiker's lone companion for days, like it or not.In the case of Cheryl's earworm of choice, "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel, you could accuse her of embracing, shall we say, the somewhat obvious.

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