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I remember getting multiple IVs and not really feeling anything.At some point, I started seeing a hazy white light off in my upper left field of vision.In trying too hard to be selfless, I was, quite frankly, being a selfish idiot.To summarize the following months, I had three total surgeries to fix the sinus cavity, had a wholly uneventful takedown surgery, and have had two stricture surgeries since takedown, the most recent of which happened on Monday.

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Someone wrote my blood pressure on the bed sheet, but I don”t remember what it was, only that nothing seemed to be good.I was still conscious enough to know what this meant and that it probably wasn”t good, but it wasn”t scary, in fact, it was quite tempting and I considered for a moment how nice that option could be for me.However, the multiple bags of saline started pumping through my veins and I woke up in a room with a cute doctor doing an ultrasound of a vein on my right forearm and another doing an ultrasound of my heart and other vital organs to be sure they weren”t totally FUBAR.Was it so important that the world know what IBD patients go through that I immediately post this to my Facebook page? That”s why you haven”t heard from me for a while, because I”m trying to get my shit straight.I”m still trying to accept all the bad health stuff that happens to me, and instead of distracting myself with advocacy and things that do legitimately help others in my same situation, I realized that I don”t have to make the worst thing about my life my purpose too.

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