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Within 24 hours, she met her new beau, an IT professional named Craig, who wasn’t turned off by her strange past.

“She said right away that her husband was in IS, and I said ‘Okay, that’s alright,’” he recalled.

She went from the Islamic State to the Lone Star State.

The former bride of ISIS’s highest-ranking American member has described for the first time how she fled the extremist group in Syria and has settled down with her four kids in a suburb of Dallas, according to a new article from The Atlantic.

There still might be tinges, therefore, of authenticity.

You might also wonder whether they simply didn't care.

The true sadness of online dating, of course, is that everyone is less beautiful in real life than the photos they choose to display.

“If anything it’s me trying to get my message out to people in similar situations and saying ‘This is not how to live your life.’” Asked how they feel about their father, one of Tania’s children told the Atlantic it would be “unforgivable” if their father had blood on his hands — otherwise he should move to Sweden and “start over.” Tania, who teaches the children that their father was wrong but motivated by a twisted sense of justice, admitted still holding a flame for her radicalized former husband.

“I tell my little ones he joined the dark side of the force,” she said.

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