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“Just like stealing a car or robbing a supermarket”.

“People don’t see it this way”, she explains, “because it’s so easy and ‘innocent’ to right-click a photo you found on Google and hit the ‘ button.

In order to understand why are the bad guys at ‘Getty Images’ suing and bullying what seems to be everyone, everywhere; and to learn how to avoid being sued yourself, we should first answer two important questions: “Getty Images, Inc. It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with an archive of 80 million still images…

In February 2008 it was…acquired by Hellman & Friedman in a transaction valued at an estimated US.4 billion” (From Wikipedia: Getty Images) So, there you go.

Still, there seem to be far more innocent bloggers being sued for (allegedly) no apparent reason by Getty Images, than by Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM and any other business empire combined.

Getty Images are one of the biggest stock photo agencies on planet earth, if not the biggest one.

Yes, they are aggressive sometimes, but so are all huge corporations.

All stories sounded pretty much the same: “ The letter also said that if no action will be taken promptly, that blogger will be sued in court of law for copyright infringement! “: “I received a letter from Getty Images today telling me to cease & desist using 4 images immediately…

Mirelle shared some horror stories she heard from her colleagues. The blogosphere has been buzzing with alike stories for a quite a while. Louis, Missouri told his personal story on a forum message, titled “Getty Images Suing Me for ,000!!!

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