Body alchemy transsexual portraits loren cameron

This was the first time an FTM group had ever walked in the parade.

Cameron organized the participation and led the small group of FTMs. Includes letter from Diane Wood Middlebrook removed from Loren's inscribed copy of Anne Sexton: A Biography.

" Patrons may NOT photograph this collection, and may not take a camera into the reading room.

Low resolution copies may be requested for research use only.

Cameron met him in the very beginning of Cameron's transition and attended the first FTM support gropus that Sullivan organized.

Also a letter from Minnie Bruce Pratt and a Firebrand Books card removed from Loren's inscribed copy of S/HE.

This work was first exhibited (the first half of it before Cameron completed the second half for the book during the spring of 1996) at 848 Divasadero Community Art Space in San Francisco, California.

A laid in letter from Middlebrook to Loren was removed and is in Box 2 Folder 63.

Middlebrook endorsed the back cover of Loren Cameron's book Body Alchemy.

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