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With their resinous to adamantine lustre and their translucency they also present somewhat the appearance of horn; hence the name hornsilver.The colour varies somewhat with the chemical composition, being grey or colourless in chlorargyrite, greenish-grey in embolite and bromargyrite, and greenish-yellow to orange-yellow in iodembolite. The specific gravity also varies with the composition: for the pure chloride it is 5.55, and the highest recorded for an iodembolite is 6.3.

All the sovereigns of England, except Canute, Hardicanute, the two Harolds and William the Conqueror, are said to be descended from Cerdic. Plummer (Oxford, 1892-1899); Gildas, De excidio Britanniae, edited by Th. The latter is also the creator of the world, the god of the Jews, and the author of the Old Testament.

Mommsen (Berlin, 1898); Nennius, Historia, Brittonum, edited by Th. Jesus Christ is the son of the good deity; he was sent into the world to oppose the evil; but his incarnation, and therefore his sufferings, were a mere appearance.

Mommsen (Berlin, 1898); Bede, Historiae ecclesiasticae gentis Anglorum libri v., ed. Regarding the body as the work of the evil deity, the Cerdonians formed a moral system of great severity, prohibiting marriage, wine and the eating of flesh, and advocating fasting and other austerities.

They are cubic in crystallization, with the cube and the octahedron as prominent forms, but crystals are small and usually indistinct; there is no cleavage.

They are soft (H = 2) and sectile to a high degree, being readily cut with a knife like horn.

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